I visited Brussels last year and had classic Moules Frites – a huge pot of mussels in the most delicious rich sauce; a big bowl of fries and a chalice of Chimay Blue. Mmmm.. *drool*!
Let me tell you a thing or two about Brussels Mussels – not to be confused with ‘The Mussels from Brussels’, a reference to Jean Claude Van Damme [again pointed out by Dan]. Brussels* is about 100km from the ocean, and the mussels they dredge out of the murky English Channel are small, dark shelled and and tasty, but they are nothing on the magnificent large green-lipped mussels that can be found basking in the beautiful waters here in New Zealand, or bought live and very cheaply in the local supermarket.

Mussels are great in a thousand ways, but prepared as Moules Mariniéres.. heavenly! Based on what Ive already learned its a no brainer really. Just cut to the chase with butter (112g), add 2 thinly sliced shallots, when almost brown add wine (2 cups), boil, add a couple of kilos of mussels, and thinly sliced parsley as the mussels are opening. Shake the pot around a bit and serve. yum yum yum.

*Yes, Brussels is in Belgium, not France. But Paris too, is not near the ocean. Assuming here that surely ‘Les Halles’ is a reference to the Parisian neighborhood.