A couple of weeks ago I attended and enjoyed a coastal Moroccan workshop at Cook The Books, where amongst all sorts of other mouth watering dishes we learned a similar lemon preserving method – I’m sure there is a variation for each kitchen in each tiny village in Morocco and elsewhere.

In terms of Les Halles Cookbook I’m confused as to which main dish this complements. Ive flicked back and forth through the book looking for a recipe where this is suggested as an accompaniment.. Has anyone out there read the book thoroughly enough to point me in the right direction on this? Davy I’m thinking of you here..

The Bourdain approach (without repeating the already short recipe verbatim) is to halve then segment – without separating – the lemons, mix loads of salt with peppercorns, bay leaf and the juice of several lemons then lay down salt mixture, then lemons, salt mixture.. until Mason Jars are full and seal.

The workshop method is to cut the lemons in a more immediately attractive fashion(above), fill with salt, then pack along with dry salt, into jars, coming back 3-4 days later to pour lemon juice over the softened mixture, fill to the top and reseal.
Since I don’t have any mason jars, both have been subject to glass jars. They’ve all been stewing away in a dark cupboard for 2 weeks. The Bourdain lemons are sitting in what resembles dirty snow, while the others are suspended in a yellowey brine. They will sit for a couple more weeks before I can comment on how tasty they may be.