Okay, first a nerd-moment:
Whenever I go to write confit, I write config, just out of habit, being that I make love to computers for a living.. So I looked up ‘duck /config’ hoping it would yield something LOL, but only came up with ways to modify an obscure gaming script. meh.
Alright, </nerd-moment>.

Duck Confit:

The instructions here seem more like notes for someone who has done this a thousand times, rather than for the the clueless beginner.. For example it is not stated to rinse the salt off and pat dry, yet other recipes appear quite specific about this. I spent a bit of time online trying to figure this out. Ignoring the orange zest and other flair, the basic instruction in the following video is fairly thorough: http://youtu.be/HyQCJu5TcJ0

Generally I use the term ‘butcher’ to mean ‘making a real mess of..’, so what do you call it when you mess up a perfectly well butchered piece of meat? The legs seemed a bit big – incorporating parts of the duck up to and including parts on the back bone, so I skill-lessly hacked them down to an appropriate looking size, before covering in salt for 36 hours [way longer than instructed] then rinsing and patting dry. They were noticeably dry and kindof tense.

I heated up the duck fat and perhaps left it heating a little long. When I poured it over the meat it immediately started sizzling and popping and changing the colour of the exposed meat. Next it all went into the oven. I’d thrown in the leftovers from my re-butchering then removed and ate them before letting it all cool. Super salty on the exposed bits. Undeniably unhealthy and delicious tasting.

The rest was left to cool then into the fridge.