I thought I was finally winning in getting hold of the types of tripes required to step forward with tripe les halles. I had put in an order for feathered tripe, and when I went to pick it up I had a lengthy conversation with the butcher about getting hold of a calves foot. Apparently due to food processing laws it is hard to get hold of the feet as these are removed prior to the meat market or whatever the butcher’s source is. Lambs feet and pigs trotters aren’t a problem though, nor pigs ears, except they come in a 4kg box, and understandably they were reluctant to get these in. Who is likely to buy the remaining 3.7kg worth? Anyway I’ve seen all manner of pork bits available elsewhere. Its the feathered tripe and the calves foot I’m seeking.

So I got my feathered tripe back to the car and examined it. Wait.. This looks just like the honeycomb tripe I had in the freezer at my old flat for months. Looking closer maybe this IS feathered. What’s it supposed to look like anyway? I’ve never seen them side by side *pauses to Google this* .. hmmm.. not much help.. ..methinks we’ll be touring any and all Asian supermarkets for a bit of R&D as a next step.
Anyway I had a close look and a sniff before wanging in the freezer. It looks and feels like an ocean-floor-dwelling spongiform, but smells disconcertingly like milk (in the same way feta smells like goats)!