Two days break from the stove-top and I got back into it. I spent an evening focused entirely on this, and the next day served it up for friends.

When I asked my butcher for ‘chicken-steak’ he gave me a fully blank look. I can only presume this is an American term. I then rephrased and requested shoulder. He proceeded to give me a run-down of  the different cuts from this part of a beast. Regrettably I have forgotten the name of the cut he recommended, but he described it as being back a bit from the shoulder, sortof around to the side a bit..
I have a bit to learn here.

A generous addition of demi pumped this dish full of flavour – not that it would have been lacking otherwise. The recipe calls for Red Burgundy. I researched replacements and came up with a good Pinot Noir.

Hard to tell when it is finished, but the recipe contains enough thinly sliced onion to fill my standard sized dutch oven. The next bit is magic.. After the browned meat is removed, the onions are added and sauteed in the fond (fried on meat juice) until brown. At this stage flour is sprinkled on and they become a thick unit of delicious. When the red wine is added to this it becomes clear how delicious the dish is going to be.

Next time I make this I will make the bits of meat slightly chunkier, the same goes for the carrots.