I chose this dish for its relative simplicity and availability of ingredients. I roughly halved the ingredients (except for the stock, wine and butter) as I didnt have that many mouths to feed.

Overall the dish took around an hour and a half to make, putting it in the realm of appropriate apres work cooking and eating.

The recipe starts with olive oil then butter. Until now I have used either one or the other. Usually only olive oil, due to my perception of the relative health benefits, however this argument is beginning to make less sense in my mind.

I bumped up the pinch of cayenne to a dash as I figured noone was watching.  mmm.. hot.

The chicken is to be browned on the skin side, but not the other. The reason for this is not explained. I was working with whole chicken legs, that I separated into drumsticks and the upper leg. I stuck to the instructions and cooked these on one side only, despite having an even coating of skin all over.

The end result is a really delicious saucy chicken dish. I have no idea what the recommended accompaniment rice pilaf is, so I omitted it and just had twice as much Poulet Basquaise. yum!