Lets start with the 10 minutes spent scratching ones head over the operation of the Breville Wizz ‘n’ Blend Deluxe. There’s no on/off switch, instead it is activated by aligning an array of componentry according to an unfathomable matrix. why?

Half a cup of red wine is boiled away to nearly nothing, with a finely chopped shallot. This, when cooled, is added to softened butter and chopped parsley and blended.
This is a sticky and time consuming affair.  The food processor just flings the stuff free of the blades, so it has to be continually scraped back into a position where it can be blended.

Bourdain instructs to dump the Beurre Rouge onto cellophane and “Gently form into a 1-inch-diameter log, shaping and squeezing and rolling it like you would roll a joint – or a nori roll”.  Yep.. that’s a pretty good analogy – lending a consistent cylindrical shape. This is then refrigerated, and used to top a flash cooked salt and pepper encrusted Faux-Filet (Sirloin with the fat cut off). The juices melt and mingle with the melting Beurre Rouge and it is extremely delicious – and hard to spend time photographing before tearing into.