I had been looking forward to a French soup that sails through  an entire bottle of good Burgundy.. which of course is the  defining characteristic here, however there is also an  astonishing quantity of leek – enough to cause some serious eye  pain when turning to a 6mm dice. There’s also a good dose of  chicken stock; and bacon.

Sauteed butter, onion, bacon and leek smells amazing, but after the stock and wine were added it prompted my flatmate to comment  that it smelled delicious but looked like soupy catfood. I tend to agree.

The taste is somewhat to the point. It improved a hell of a lot  overnight, but it just seems that the end result is less than  the sum of the parts. Its agreeable, but not magic. This is one  I would like to order from a menu some time and see if I change  my mind. Perhaps when served as a starter before something rich and meaty?