I’m pretty sure Ive made something like this before, but I’m fairly certain it didn’t involve boiling potatoes in cream.

Sliced spuds, plus parsley, rosemary, thyme and nutmeg all boiled in cream.. THEN, slopped into a garlic and buttered dish, sans herbs and sprinkled with Gruyère. Pretty much about 3 weeks of daily jogging required to burn off a single serving of this monster.

White pepper isn’t mentioned in the ingredients. It just pops up unannounced in the method. Yeah, I’ll just reach over and grab a dash of that from the.. WAIT, It is mentioned.. arguably its hidden, but.. clearly I failed to read through thoroughly before starting.

Notably this is the first Les Halles recipe calling for rosemary I have come across. While my parsley, bay tree and thyme have been providing in almost every dish so far, my rosemary and oregano has been left to flourish..

I not sure why I would make this again. Its great to know how to make an extremely creamy potato dish, but hard to see what it might accompany.