What looks to be a salad that can be thrown together in a few minutes, takes over an hour to prepare. Dishes stack up all over the bench, and most of the pots in the cupboard get used

I have never blanched anything before. All of a sudden there is a queue for the ice bath. I followed the recipe from another part of the book for boiled eggs: place eggs in cold water in pot. Bring to boil. Take off heat and leave with lid on for 10 mins. Transfer eggs to ice-bath then peel when cold.
Result: no grey bits around the yolk, no breakages, and no timer needed.

A [relatively] simple, colourful, delicious and filling salad. Note the fancy Niçoise olives, imported tuna and white anchovies. The dressing is red-wine-vinegar and olive oil, whisked together with garlic. I’m sure I’ll be using this method again along with the above boiled eggs.