There’s something very romantic about this one and I’ve been looking forward to it since.. Since pears were last in season. One of the magic ingredients is juniper berries and it wasn’t until I put it to the good folk on the forum – who were very helpful – that I was able to pin down a source.

Again I was excited about upholding my notion of the essence of French cooking by casually tipping a good bottle of red into a pot, but couldn’t help shuddering at the thought of my bad experience with the leeky, winey, soupe au vin.

As each of my flatmates came home I heard them exclaim “Who’s making mulled wine?”. I served up a half pear with a wee bit of the sauce to all in attendance and the reception was very positive mmmmm’s from all.

The flavour combinations are perfect. The cinnamon and star anise work well, but it is a little harder to pinpoint the exact flavour of the juniper berries or pepper corns in this sweet context.