Its been almost 2 months, so the lemons are well preserved. The smell – especially of the Cook the Books method – was very rich and lemony. These ones were submerged in liquid, whereas the Les Halles ones were liquid toward the bottom of the jar, fading into dirty snow at the top.

The Les Halles method resulted in a pronounced Coriander and Bay leaf taste in the lemons. Also with the drier conditions the lemon rinds are slightly firmer – the texture of a rind you would find in a chunky marmalade, or a lime pickle.

I guess depending on the purpose both styles would have their place but the plainer ones could be more versatile. Both ways were a success.

I thought a slice would go down well in a Dry Gin Martini, and it worked extremely well. I threw a piece in while mixing the drink, then ran a fresh slither around the rim of the glass before adding as a garnish.