Cooking with gas, and publishing on the fly via new hardware, from a new flat in the belly of Auckland. Not a lot of on-topic cooking going on lately. Quite a bit of reading though, including M.F.K. Fisher and Elizabeth David, from whom I shall quote..

As to the omelette itself, it seems to me a confection which demands the most straightforward approach. What one wants is the taste of the fresh eggs and the fresh butter and, visually, a soft bright golden roll plump and spilling out a little at the edges. It should not be a busy, important urban dish but something gentle and pastoral, with the clean scent of the dairy, the kitchen garden, the basket of early morning mushrooms or the sharp tang of freshly picked herbs, sorrel, chives, tarragon. And although there are those who maintain that egg and wine dishes don’t go together I must say I do regard a glass or two of wine as not, obviously, essential but at least as an enormous enhancement of the enjoyment of a well-cooked omelette